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Global partners

We have a number of Global partners who are able to offer our services, principally in The Far East - Singapore and Europe.

  •  We at Ovis pride ourselves on being able to assist our customers with Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical projects.

  •  We have developed a team of professionals who can install, commission and service various equipment for you.

  •  Over the last 20 years, we have grown to a team of some 200 personnel who serve the industry.

  •  We are prominent in the petrochemical and Oil and Gas industry, and we also offer procurement solutions or equipment and supplies.

  •  We pride ourselves on being able to obtain the hard to find parts and being able to assist you in a short space of time.

  •  Why not get in touch ?

TCMO (Technical Consultancy Marine & Offshore) Pte. Ltd.
TCMO, Singapore based, specialized in standard or customized consultancy services for marine and offshore worldwide. Our valuable clients include ship owners, shipyard and ports, brokers and financial institutes.
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