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Steam Turbine Testing and Commissioning

Let us assist you with your  testing requirements

We Hold a Class 1 certificate of Competency for Marine Chief Engineers for the commissioning, operation and maintenance of steam turbines of unlimited Horsepower. We have over 20 years of Steam Plant experience, including High Pressure boiler operation, steam plant problem diagnosis.We have operated Turbines from, DeLaval,Parsons, General Electric, Siemens and other major manufacturers.We can advise on string testing, Site Acceptance testing and commissioning of turbines and plant.


Quite often in the Oil and Gas industry, Clients request a string test of the turbine before it is shipped to the construction site. This can prove to be a very large task and in some cases very expensive and time consuming. Let us assist you in reviewing this requirement and working with your client to mitigate the requirement and save time and expense.

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